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From Nice, Aski has settled in Biarritz for 30 years now. When he came, he used to work in restaurants like Bar Jean of Biarritz. Lionel Hausséguy, aka Yoyo, the boss, noticed his Botéro copies.

He encouraged him to persevere (as the other Côte Basque restaurants' bosses, as Jean, Tonio, Christian Duplaissy...) who found him his Bask pseudonym "Aski"which rings as an injunction. "Aski" means "enough" in Bask. Enough of the past, of the pressure, of the difficulties, and Long live to the Artist Life !

Self-taught man, he trains little by little on the technique side.

"I've been influenced by Botéro for a long time. But now, when people see one of my paintings, they say "It is from Aski". My Hand is identified. And if I still integrate Botero persons sometimes in my work art, it's a wink !"

A well-known figure of Les Halles de Biarritz

With a work-shop established during ten years in Biarritz (Gambetta street), Aski won his new customers. In the very beginning, thanks to the restaurants' bosses, he had a local clientele, and a lot of clients were bars and bistrots. Today, Aski sells his paintings to buyers from everywhere in the world, seventy nationalities, Some of them doesn't even have a bullfighting culture but loves his bulls heads,especially the pop art ones.

Aski became a famous painter from Biarritz : with his wife Isabelle (his spouse from 20 years), it is hard not to meet them in Les Halles de Biarritz ! Bon vivant,regular in the bars, he has however a strict everyday shift to paint : the only way to meet the demand.

Aski, an artist life which lasts from 30 years.

Style and inspirations

From his beginnings, Aski has always been loyal to one style : a figurative, naïve and colorful painting.But the Artist also grown in his own theme. He was at first very inspired by the Bask Coast and bullfighting.It is his little bulls heads which have made him famous. Today, he still sells them, in Russia as well in New Zeland.

For several years now, he loves to paint the typical green hills of the Bask Country,its big withe and red half-timbering houses, bask pelota games, horses fair, pottoks (typical bask horses), two-colored porcs with long ears...

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